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Leading the way in innovative alternative business finance solutions.

First of all, The Virtual Mentor provides, advice, educational content and resources.

As the virtual mentor I pride myself on working with some of the leading names in the industry. Furthermore, my main objective is to search the marketplace for partners that I feel will provide the best solution to my readers.

Since the launch of the site late January 2018. Already it seems like I already we have an equal 50/50 split in our UK and USA visitors.

Consequently I have quickly been able to identify the  need for alternative business finance. This has not just been from entrepreneurs in the UK but across the world.

As you can appreciate the site is still in its early stages of development. However already it’s proving to be an exciting time. As I ad more partners and resources to the site.

If you have a specific project that you want to discuss just request a call back from myself. 

Please make sure you provide details of the project to ensure call back thank you.

Ways To Work With Me On

Alternative Business Finance works with a number of partners. As a result my role falls into three parts.

  1. To identify ambitious businesses that are seeking alternative business finance.
  2. Establish if they are aligned with the chosen partner eligibility criteria.
  3. Act on the behalf of client to present and negotiate with the chosen business finance provider.

Fee Structure

First of all clients must complete the selected partners expression of interest form. Most of all provide all the requested information. Consequently, subject to client acceptance by the mentioned service will be provided by myself free of charge.

Readers 5 Simple Steps

  • Review the preferred partners funding criteria.
  • Complete the initial eligibility check.
  • Check the partners fee structure.
  • Complete the application and provide the supporting documentation
  • Ask an questions

If you have any questions feel free to drop an email

Just Looking Around!

No Worries, here are a few more ways you can access my knowledge and experience. First of all, I have listed them in order. First of all starting with those that are free of charge to those  that require a little investment.

Work with me Wendy Kipling

Search My Sites

  • Noteworthy all my sites are jammed packed with free resources. I have written more than 30 blog posts. produced over 25 podcasts and just launched my first free course ‘Master the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur in 24 Hours’. This course includes risk mapping and idea pitching, perfect if you are thinking about equity crowdfunding.


Wendy - Discussion, ideas and business advice


Wendy Kipling INsight - Dedicated to time strapped entrepreneurs.


Flying Start Academy - Free online entrepreneur training courses

Client Services

Business Idea Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment: I will consult with you via Skype, to complete an initial assessment on the viability of the business idea. This service is aimed at anyone who is  thinking about starting a new business.

rewards crowdfunding Business Funding Startup loans know your numbers
Check the viability of your business idea

Executive Summary Review

The business plan executive summary is a crucial part of the business plan. If you are seeking funding most readers will not read past the executive summary if they do not find the key information they are looking for.

This service includes a  detailed review of your business plan executive summary.

This will be followed by constructive feedback. This will be provided via an action list of recommendations.

Business Plan Review

I will review your entire business plan. Then I will provide a list of suggested amends. These will be highlighted together with advice on content development. A detailed action plan will be provided.

skype initial assessment (1) wendy kipling
Detailed Action Pan

Business Planning Writing Service

The is one of the most time consuming services that I offer. Which means its one of the most expensive and includes me working with you to craft out your business ideas. Then compiling this into a bespoke business plan.

As part of this service you have the option of me submitting your plan to appropriate partners or alternative investor networks.

If you are on a tight budget you may want to consider writing the business plan yourself and purchasing the business plan review service instead.

Request a proposal by email

There are lots of sponsorship opportunities at I really like to shout about my site supporters. So I will always make a big noise, however you choose to support the site.

Sponsorship Type 1

* Brand sponsors must be able to demonstrate a viable connection with the target blog audience.

  • Bronze – Brands are invited to sponsor content and product giveaways. The content on the giveaways will be provided by the brand . 1 Do follow link  for six months (£450) Value.
  • Silver – Brands are invited to provide brand / guest posts and product giveaways. Brands are invited to sponsor content and product giveaways. The content on the giveaways will be provided by the brand . 5 Dofollow link  for six months (£650) Value. Spotlight on sidebar for 4 weeks (£300) Value.
  • Gold– Alternatively, Wendy can write a post about your branded product or service. This will be in her own words on Tuesday’s blog posting as a sponsored post. Social media promotion of the content and giveaways are included with this opportunity. 

Sponsorship Type 2

Wendy Kipling The Virtual Mentor Starting a Business

Shout about your business

Business owners are invited to sponsor Wendy Kipling INsight by joining me in a pre-recorded interview.

Interviews will be scripted with an agreed focus.

They will be conducted via Skype or Face to face depending on the location of the client. These interviews will be promoted via social media and scheduled to maximise effect. To find out more just send me an email.

Affiliate Products

A word about affiliates. Some of the articles contain links to products, apps, and services. If you click through, my business will receive a small commission on the sale. Rest assured, we only recommend products or services that we personally use or believe will help our readers.