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So, you think you have a great idea! But how great really is it? Writing a business plan will focus you to review your business idea.


This feedback service offers and added benefit. Its for existing clients which have purchased the idea review service. I will create a short video recording in which I will provide feedback and share with you my findings.


The purpose of this service is to review the executive summary of your business plan. In this service Wendy will analyse the impact and content of your business plan.


Conduct a business plan review – Wendy will provide a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the market, operation, technical, managerial and financial aspects of your business plan.




Sponsorship through brand / guest posting is a great way to reach your target audience and build long term relationships with entrepreneurs who matter to your, business.


By sponsoring a post and providing a free giveaway, you will get the opportunity to share information about your brand to our readers.


In this blog sponsorship package, Wendy will write your article recommending sponsor. This will include company information, details about their products and services. This will be done in her own words and will be posted on Tuesday's blog posting as a sponsored post.