Property Crowdfunding

property crowdfunding equity
property crowdfunding (1) equity

Equity Property Crowdfunding

Property Crowdfunding uses equity Crowd Investing, which means investors become  shareholders in an SPV (a UK Limited company) which owns the property. Investors returns are based on either a share of income, a share of the increase in value, or both.

Developers can use it mainly in the following three ways:

New builds

Properties which you plan to develop for sale, this can be or in units.

Residential Conversion

This could include offices, pubs or any building being converted to residential use.

Develop to let

Properties that you plan to renovate, and completion will let them rather than sell them.

equity investors property development property crowdfunding (2) equity

Quick Checklist

  • Must be experienced developer or landlord
  • Preferable have planning in place
  • You do not pay interest
  • Pass initial due diligence