How to Write a Business Plan

So, you think you have a great idea! But how great really is it? Writing a business plan will focus you to review your business idea.

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How to Write a Business Plan That Gets Results | Book | Free Templates


Fact: When it comes to business plans, still lots of business owners do not have one. In other words, they do not have a system to follow. Get the results you desire. In this Step by Step Guide. I will show you how to write a business plan that gets results. Here are just some of the tools and strategies you will learn when you order your copy of  'How to Write a Business Plan That Gets Results'!

How to:

  • Write an executive summary – I will show you what to include.
  • Structure a business plan – grab the reader’s attention.
  • Present your idea – make your plan stand out from the crowd.
  • Define your vision and mission – strategically moving your business forward to achieve success.
  • Sell the team – identify the skills and plug any gaps.
  • And much, much more ...

I have tried to make this eBook as easy as possible by including lots of worked examples.

Plus a batch of FREE formulated templates and worksheets which include:

  • Business planning template for success
  • Cash flow Forecast
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet

Plus, if you want to secure a business loan, you will like the financial projection with loan cost and interest repayment calculations template.

In a world of opportunity its easy to forget. Business planning is the key to the formulation of the strategic direction and success of any business.Over the years I have worked with many entrepreneurs. When asked they do not have a business strategy.

Don’t let this be you!

Getting Started

The aim of this book is to introduce business planning. The book covers the core concept without burdening the reader with unnecessary detail or too heavy a dose of theory. The book consists of four main chapters divided sections. The first part focuses on the structure of the business plan. The second and third introduces the content level and type. While the last section focuses on the financial aspect and includes worked examples and preformulated templates.

Target readership

The book has been written primarily for anyone thinking about starting a business. It may also be suitable for business owners that have never written a business plan.

Examples/ Case Studies

Examples are provided throughout the text

Assessment material

Throughout the book I have kept the illustrations simple. You can check your understanding by answering the review questions.

Resource Centre

To help you with the business planning process, we have developed a series of templates that you will have access to as a reader of this book.

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