Bridging Loans | Structuring the deal

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In the first article of this bridging loan series we discussed 5 reasons why you should use bridging loan finance. In this article we will now discuss how to structure a deal. Structure the deal Let’s start with the fee’s, […]

Bridging Loans| 5 reasons why people use bridging loans

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bridging loans are not cheap

Bridging Loans are Expensive! Let’s start with a fact that if you are looking for a cheap funding solution for your next property deal then bridging may not be for you. Bridging loans are expensive!! It’s important that you match the […]

Equity Investor Property Development Finance | Are Banks DEAD!

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Equity Investor Property Development Finance Over the last few years a new bread of investor has started to emerge. They are Thoroughbreds in equity investor property development with vast amount of experience. This new type of equity investors are high […]

Equity Property Crowdfunding | Why Should You Be INTERESTED!

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Why Property Developers Should Turn To Equity Crowdfunding It seams like crowdfunding is gaining more and more popularity. In this article we will discuss why property enthusiast have started to turn to this new alternative way to raise property development […]