Security Terms | Types of Business Security Explained

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security terms types of business security explained

Security Terms Explained If you are considering any type of business finance, its important before you enter into any type of discussion. That you start to get your head around some of the key fundamental security terms. I have spent some time crafting out some of the key terms that my readers should understand. If you do decide to go forward with an application to one of our alternative business finance providers. The following security terms include: Debenture Mortgage Directors […]

PAYG Business Finance | Innovative Unsecured Line Of Credit

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lack of knowledge stifles entrepreneurs ability to make an informed choice Over the years I have visited with many clients that have struggled at some point or another with cash flow. Whether they have had a seasonal business or service sector business at some point for whatever reason they have found themselves in a position where they needed to go cap in hand to the bank manager and ask for an overdraft… Most of the business owners have relayed how […]

Debt Crowdfunding Speeding Up the Borrowing Process

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image debt crowdfunding (6)

Debt Crowdfunding While debt crowdfunding is often referred to as Peer 2 Peer (P2P) or marketplace lending. I also think it’s fair to say that different platforms like to create their own unique terms for debt-based crowdfunding. However, whatever the term the process is still the same. In this article I will use the term debt crowdfunding. What is debt crowdfunding? So first of all lets start, by reviewing the articles in this crowdfunding series. So far I have discussed rewards […]

Equity Financing Through Crowdfunding | 7 Things You Need To Know

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We are still in the early infancy of alternative funding options like equity finance through crowdfunding. If you don’t believe me you only need to search google keyword planner. However, I believe that crowdfunding whether its from rewards, equity or debt. Is in fact the future for the next entrepreneur generation. Just stop for one minute and take a look around you. I bet you it will not be long before you see a person with their head in their iPhone. […]

Equity Investment Process | Crowdfunding |

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image crowd sourced equity funding

Crowd Sourced Equity Funding Series In chapter 2 of this series crowdfunding series we are discussing crowd sourced equity funding. In the first article we identified there were two main models of crowd sourced equity funding, Investor led, and Entrepreneur led.In this week’s article we will look at the process the entrepreneur has to follow if they wish to pursue the investor led approach. Equity Based Crowdfunding First of all, a quick recap, investor led crowd sourced equity funding. This […]

Equity Investor Crowdfunding| More Investors Getting Involved

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Equity Investor Crowdfunding platforms over the last few years have been appearing on the UK funding scene. It’s fair to say its captured the imagination of the public and the media. It has given a landscape for every business owner to try its hand at obtaining equity investment. There are two models which you need to be aware of Investor led and Company led.

Startup Loans | Not Business Loan

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Business Loans | Last Year Only 1 in 5 Applications Approved. Start-up funding is very difficult to come by with many new businesses seen as a too high risk. Whether you are starting a new business or wanting to buy an existing one if you have no equity from any other sources you will struggle to get a traditional bank loan. Last year alone only 1 in 5 applications were approved. What is a Startup Loan Start Up Loans is a government-backed […]

Crowdfunding Platform! Make Sure You Check out all your Options First

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In article 1 we discussed crowdfunding as an alternative way to fund your business idea. In article 2 we looked at why more and more startups are turning to rewards based crowdfunding. In article 3 –  I showed you what you must do before you even think about running a crowdfunding campaign. In this final section, article 4 of the crowdfunding series. We will discuss rewards based crowdfunding platforms. If you look around the internet you will notice over the last few […]

Rewards based Crowdfunding Campaign Action Planning

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Do not underestimate the time you will need before you launch your rewards based crowdfunding campaign. So, you think you have a great idea, but you think you will need some funds to get started. You think rewards based crowdfunding could be the solution, right? In article 1 we discussed crowdfunding the alternative way to fund your business idea. In article 2 we looked at why more and more startups are turning to rewards based crowdfunding. In this article 3 of […]

Why are people turning to rewards based crowdfunding

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business finance rewards crowdfunding

In the past, if the bank rejected your business loan, it was game over for your business. Today it does not have to be like that! Rewards based crowdfunding Allows you to publish your innovative ideas to the world, putting you in touch with people who truly believe in them. In my first article we discussed crowdfunding the alternative way to fund your business idea. In this article we will discuss why more and more startups and business owners are […]

Crowdfunding the new alternative way to fund your business idea!

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Crowdfunding series 1/4- The new alternative way to fund your business idea You have a great idea, BUT for whatever reason your credit is not that great but you know with the right support you could be successful. However,  you think there is not much hope! RIGHT! ….. WRONG ,crowdfunding could be just what you are looking for. In this funding series I will focus on crowdfunding. I will share with you everything you need to know about crowdfunding: What’s involved How […]

Electric Van Embarrassing or Just Too Expensive You Decide

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Neue Fahrzeuge der Deutschen Post

WOULD A GOVERNMENT GRANT HELP?  Just think how much fuel the UK would save if every business owner decided to drive an electric van. Recently the UK government introduced a 20% grant towards the purchase of a new electric van. Its main aim, to increase the uptake of electric vans and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The long term effects will result in the reduction of carbon and pollution emissions by road vehicles. Furthermore, increased manufacturing will reduce future pricing in the […]