Equity Property Crowdfunding | Why Should You Be INTERESTED!

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property crowdfunding (2) equity

Why Property Developers Should Turn To Equity Crowdfunding It seams like crowdfunding is gaining more and more popularity. In this article we will discuss why property enthusiast have started to turn to this new alternative way to raise property development finance. In my crowdfunding business series, I detail everything there is to know about crowdfunding your business. I must admit that property crowdfunding is not much different than business crowdfunding. While many of the same basic principles apply. However, with […]

Security Terms | Types of Business Security Explained

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security terms types of business security explained

Security Terms Explained If you are considering any type of business finance, its important before you enter into any type of discussion. That you start to get your head around some of the key fundamental security terms. I have spent some time crafting out some of the key terms that my readers should understand. If you do decide to go forward with an application to one of our alternative business finance providers. The following security terms include: Debenture Mortgage Directors […]

PAYG Business Finance | Innovative Unsecured Line Of Credit

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lack of knowledge stifles entrepreneurs ability to make an informed choice Over the years I have visited with many clients that have struggled at some point or another with cash flow. Whether they have had a seasonal business or service sector business at some point for whatever reason they have found themselves in a position where they needed to go cap in hand to the bank manager and ask for an overdraft… Most of the business owners have relayed how […]

Debt Crowdfunding Speeding Up the Borrowing Process

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Debt Crowdfunding While debt crowdfunding is often referred to as Peer 2 Peer (P2P) or marketplace lending. I also think it’s fair to say that different platforms like to create their own unique terms for debt-based crowdfunding. However, whatever the term the process is still the same. In this article I will use the term debt crowdfunding. What is debt crowdfunding? So first of all lets start, by reviewing the articles in this crowdfunding series. So far I have discussed rewards […]

Electric Van | Put Asset Finance to Good use |

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Asset Finance There are numerous financing options and routes available for startups and small businesses. The viable options will differ from business to business but here we look at asset finance. Depending on the type of business you may need to acquire transport. However before you do that you need to make yourself aware of the government grant that is available to help you buy low emission vehicles. Electric vans are the future It’s been estimated that a small electric van will typically cost £100 less in fuel for every […]

Morning Ritual Change the way you Empower Yourself and Start to Change Your Life

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Morning ritual, after 15 months of writing and producing content the website went live on the 31 January 2018! Hurray However, if I am honest I do not feel like I thought I would, I know I should be cheering for joy and enjoying the results of my hard labour, but I am not. In stead I feel Sad All alone But most of all I feel uncertain I keep asking myself! Have I wasted all this time? Will anyone […]

Create a Unique Selling Point in 5 Easy Steps

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Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point – if you want to make your new business a success you are going to need to pinpoint what makes your business unique. You are not selling a product or service! You are solving a customer’s problem. Get ready as you are going to have to make sure you understand how to serve your customers while maintaining profitability. Read More

Vision Statement Dare You Dream BIG!

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Companies without a clearly defined and agreed vision statement can find themselves lost, in financial trouble and unable to secure the customers they so need. So, what exactly is a vision statement I hear you ask! Well A vision statement is an aspirational description of what your business would like to achieve or accomplish. Read More

7 Small Business Ideas That Will Make Money

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7 small business ideas that make money

IF YOU ARE LIKE MOST OF MY READERS You’re a successful individual that aspires to run your own business. You are committed to working hard and succeeding at life. While you strive to reach your true potential and want to leave a lasting impact on your world. Maybe you feel like this reader! Read More