Due Diligence Process 3 Steps an Investor WILL Follow!

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due diligence process 3 steps an Investor will follow

First of all, the Investor will perform a due diligence process, based on their risk tolerance level. However, you need to see the due diligence process as part of your personal business development and a free way to improve your business. Also, […]

Investor Determines the Value of Your Business! BUT is it Enough?

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image investor valuation equity equity investor

An Investor Valuation can turn your ideas into actions, BUT pre-post valuations don’t work well for early stage companies. Having an Investor in your company is a long-term commitment. It can be anything from 1-5 years, you need to be aware that […]

Create a Unique Selling Point in 5 Easy Steps

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Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point – if you want to make your new business a success you are going to need to pinpoint what makes your business unique. You are not selling a product or service! You are solving a customer’s problem. Get […]

Value Based Pricing! Are You Charging Enough? Increase Your Sales!

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podcast session 4 value based pricing

Value Based Pricing – Successful businesses maximise their profits by matching their pricing with the value customers put on their products or services. Product pricing is often built on a ‘cost-plus’ basis, while service pricing is generally created on perceived […]

Vision Statement Dare You Dream BIG!

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Vision Statement podcast session 3 insight

Companies without a clearly defined and agreed vision statement can find themselves lost, in financial trouble and unable to secure the customers they so need. So, what exactly is a vision statement I hear you ask! Well A vision statement […]

7 Steps to Business Planning Success

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7 steps to business planning success

Lots of business owners do not have a business plan. In other words, they do not have a system to follow. Buy now you will have read headlines, pointing out you don’t really need a business plan. I must admit that over […]

The absence of a Mission Statement results in LOST Opportunities

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Mission Statement what's your purpose

Mission Statement, if you are just starting your business or already trading the absence of a vision statement and mission statement could result in lost opportunities for: Building a strong culture within your business Attracting and retaining staff Increasing productivity […]