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1. Crowdfunding for developers

Check out how hotels are starting to fund their next big project.

Crowdfunding is being used to help raise funds to transform a historic building in San Francisco’s gentrifying Mid-Market neighborhood into a hip, high-tech YOTEL-branded hotel.


Property crowdfunding sites vary significantly both in what they offer as well as how funds raised can be used.

With peer to peer there are some who offer bridging loans or development loans. Also there are others that specialise in just buy to let mortgages.

If you think crowdfunding could help you grow your property business. You can check out my  property crowdfunding partners by clicking this link.

2. Equity Investors Property Development

High Net Worth Individuals Go It Alone

Exciting times for property developers, the new thorough bread of property finance investor. Armed with property development experience, also first hand experience of the problems faced by property developers.

Unlike with banks complex deals do not faze these guys. Also they are not afraid to offer a variety of solutions. This is by flexibility and solutions bespokely designed with your expressed needs in mind.  

Equity Investors Property Development

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3. Bridging Loans

So, you are shopping around, and you have looked at many mortgage options but most of the lenders have said no! You may want to consider a bridging loan:

  1. When a traditional mortgage lenders say no
  2. You may have a low income
  3. The property needs refurbishment, so there is no rental income
  4. The property has no kitchen or bathroom which a main criterion for traditional lenders.
  5. You need the money quick in a few days. Not months as indicated by most lenders

To find out more about bridging click here.

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