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Morning Ritual Change the way you Empower Yourself and Start to Change Your Life

Morning ritual, after 15 months of writing and producing content the website went live on the 31 January 2018! Hurray

However, if I am honest I do not feel like I thought I would, I know I should be cheering for joy and enjoying the results of my hard labour, but I am not. In stead

I feel

  • Sad
  • All alone
  • But most of all I feel uncertain

I keep asking myself!

Have I wasted all this time? Will anyone be interested in all the boring stuff that leads a startup to running and growing a successful business…..

In today’s article I will share with you, something that I now do, But if anyone had asked me about it before I started this online journey I would not have had a clue what they were talking about.

So, let’s get started

I don’t know about you but I must be honest I am a lover of lists. I love action planning daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly tasks. In fact, the more lists I have the happier I am.

However, after working what seems like every hour gods sends, having a jam-packed desk of things I must do to meet my completion deadline. Today, two days after launch and things seam very different.

Over the last few months I have gone from a jam-packed desk full of things to do to something quite different!

Check it out……

My office morning ritual

So, what have I been doing all this time I hear you ask

Well, I have been very busy developing my very own morning ritual!

Yes, your read that right!

When I first heard people talking about morning ritual, I will be the first to admit. I did think it was a little strange. I just thought of it as an online entrepreneur’s thing!

However, 15 months on and yes you have guessed it I now have a morning ritual.

But before I go any further and before you even ask no my morning ritual does not involved anything energetic.

Like 60 press-ups


Running …even though now my desk is clear I have started to plan a running morning for next week.

Anyway, getting back on track

Over the last few months I have started to realise that without my knowledge.  Subconsciously, I have in fact developed a series of actions that I must complete as part of my morning ritual before I can even start my day.

So, I get up and after the basic things I then head into the home office.

My first morning ritual task is to set up the flowers……

Yes, you heard that right!

the flowers morning ritual

I must have flowers on the windowsill in front of me on the desk.

Don’t ask me why! but I guess I find them beautiful to look at and they give me pleasure and inspiration.

My favourite flower is the rose but sometimes I do buy carnations….

One strange thing over the months I have grown to understand the flowers. I now know they don’t like the cold, so at the end of the day I take the flowers with me out of the office… lol

The second morning ritual I have found myself doing before I can get started is lighting a tea light candle.

It’s not even dark, but this is something I really like and cannot work without it burning.

tealights morning ritual

The third morning ritual is quite strange but here goes…

I have a dog called Bruno, he’s getting old now in fact he will be 10 this year… and I have even started to include him in my morning ritual…

Yes, you did read that right, I make sure Bruno’s basket is in the office and tell him not to be late for work…. Lol he even has a lunch break…

We digress back to the office with the fourth morning ritual

I have a great poem that someone once gave to me … entitled YOU MUSN’T QUIT which I put right at the front of the screen so when I am feeling the pressure I can push myself to get back on track…

And finally, my fifth morning ritual

I subscribe to a music app… and you will never believe it, but I have my favourite moods album which I listen to all the time…. Called wait for it!

‘Acoustic Escape’

The funny thing is if you would have asked me 15 months ago

Do you have a morning ritual?

I would have laughed!

Yet here I am months later sharing mine with you today.

I think it’s strange but as you start to change the way you work, everything else that you used to do also changes.

My friends have told me that I have started speaking to myself… I think I have always done that but apparently this has increased over the last few months as I have worked towards my new role of a Virtual Mentor.

Before I start discussing what I have been doing I thought I would share a great picture of me and my only office worker.

Bruno morning ritual

So what have I been working on for this amount of time! well one thing is certain it’s taken me that long that a third party plugin coming soon page has been listed as my homepage on google…. Another problem still to sort out!

Let’s start with a bit of history ! Over the years I have worked with lots of business owners, ranging from those that

have an idea too businesses that want to expand through acquisition…. But all this has meant spending lots of time travelling and living in hotel rooms for weeks even months…

This has also resulted in me only seeing the family at weekend.

Yes, on one hand the money has been great! But you do find yourself asking the question is it worth it?

All the way through my career I have always been at my best when I have been in the creative stage. I love to turn ideas into reality and make products or services come alive…

However, being creative means that I can become easily distracted when it comes to grinding.

I can:

  • Get frustrated
  • Feel self-doubt and that’s when the little voice in my head starts shouting! can you really make this happen…

I am sure I am not alone and for all my readers that work for themselves. I know you will understand what I mean when I say you can feel very lonely.

So, you will be wondering

What have you been working on for the last 15 months!

Well, I must admit to most people the subjects that I write on will not be of interest unless you need the information.

I write on subjects like how to write a business plan. Over the years it never surprises me the amount of business owners that I have met or worked with that do not have a business plan.

If you do not have a plan how do you know where you are going. More importantly how will you now when you have got there!

If you start with an idea and just set up your business you may run into difficulties later. However, just completing some simple easy to use formulated spreadsheets will quickly show you where the business could potentially run out of cash. Or fall into some working cash flow problems.

If you are like me you will have had lots of ideas for setting up a business. However, when you start to think through the plan and look at the numbers the idea may not be as attractive as your first thought.

It’s all the hidden things that people do not think about!


  • How am I going to survive for the next three months with no money coming in?
  • When the money comes in what will I have left?

If you have an idea, make sure you get someone to sign a non-disclosure agreement before sharing your idea with them.

great idea NDA


I have been caught out with this one, I have shared an idea only to see my idea be brought to life by the person that I shared it with. I have a free NDA template that you can download on the home page.


Make sure you protect the one thing you have and that’s your business idea.

I do write a lot about funding as I have worked in this sector all my life so it comes naturally to me. On the site and in the blog posts you will find insights into startup loans and what the adverts don’t tell you.

I also discuss alternative finance options and will soon do a new series on angel investments which will coincide with the launch of my second course which is titled ‘Pitch Your Idea’

As I move forward I have a long list of articles that I want to write and share with you.

I don’t know if I will write anymore books, BUT you should never say never.

However, I have got plans to design and write more online courses….

One thing I am starting to learn is that if you are to succeed in the online space you have to include an element of what you love it can’t be all grinding.

  • You need to develop a morning ritual that gives you a great space to work
  • If you are a creative keep creating

But one thing do not let the grinding get you down…….