Value Based Pricing! Are You Charging Enough? Increase Your Sales!

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podcast session 4 value based pricing

Value Based Pricing – Successful businesses maximise their profits by matching their pricing with the value customers put on their products or services. Product pricing is often built on a ‘cost-plus’ basis, while service pricing is generally created on perceived […]

7 Steps to Business Planning Success

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7 steps to business planning success

Lots of business owners do not have a business plan. In other words, they do not have a system to follow. Buy now you will have read headlines, pointing out you don’t really need a business plan. I must admit that over […]

Brand Value ADDS Millions, are you maximising your efforts?

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brand value adds millions

This month’s focus is on the basic principles that you quickly need to get your head around just before and as you start your business. In this first session I will be discussing brand value We will discuss the concept […]