Patent Box- How Your Business Can Profit

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Patent Box, Motivation, Determination and Innovation

Patent Box If you are starting a new business based on providing a better product with new capabilities. New technologies or even revamping a design into something new. Using patent box to protect any inventions your business makes is worth bearing […]

Business Name | Do Not Underestimate The Impact | Get it Right!

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Naming your business Business trademarks, business name copyright

In this Intellectual Property IP  series, in article one we discuss what exactly is it and how you need to protect it. In article two we discuss automatic copyright protection and infringement rights. In this article we discuss naming your […]

Intellectual Property – What Exactly is it !

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Copyright© and what is it

Intellectual Property otherwise Known as Your Asset I was spoilt for choice when looking at what I should cover in my next article series. However, as most of my readers are just starting out on their journey. I thought this series should […]

Patent or Not Who Needs Them Anyway!

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Patent examples

A patent gives the inventor the right to stop others from making, using or selling the invention without their permission. The government grant the patents, making them territorial. Also this means patents registered in the UK will only give rights […]